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This is the story of mysterious Spipiyus living in the ancient old growth coastal forests in the Caren Range. When exploring the oceans round Savary I watched the elegant movement of shoals of fish that make up its food, herring, capelin, and sandlance. Crabs scuttering between seaweed, jellyfish pulsating. Moths and butterflies flutter between a humming bird that dazzles me with her shot of luminous feathers. This is paradise. A deer gazes over her eyes gentle and shy. A cougar waits patiently.

Spipiyus is the sechelt first nations word for Marbled Murrelet, According to the Sechelt people, this whimsical bird makes people laugh. Even saying its name puts a smile on your face. Without old growth forests these amazingly industrious birds are in danger of loosing their ancestral nesting sites. If we protect old growth forests we can keep big smiles on our faces!

Printed on 100% recycled paper, produced using renewable wind energy. 5% of online sales 12 x 16" print will go towards this amazing project Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station⁠.

Made in Canada with love.


12 x 16 Inches (Full Colour digital art print on felt textured paper)

18 x 24 inches (Fine art Print on watercolour paper)

Shipped in a flat protective sleeve or a postal tube depending on the size.